Bought a gun David Petersen recommended. When I paid him 750 dollars promised me gun would work perfect.

Took 9mm Beretta to gun range and gun misfired constantly. I took pistol back to David Petersen, told him I want my money back. Instead of giving me my money David Petersen told me to suck his ***. David Petersen then pulled a 38 Smith Wesson out and told me to never show up to his store again or he would kill me.

I recommend no one buy or go to Outlaw Armory in Bluffton, SC for absolutely anything. David Petersen is a *** artist and a thief and he threatened me with my life.

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this false review has been reported several times, this is from a customer that was denied on NICS check and was told to leave the store.

Bluffton, South Carolina, United States #882041

Actually I am the owner and David Peterson didn't sell either one of u guns because a beretta m9 doesn't cost 750 and I have cameras that I watch daily so that's a lie.

And Sarah u did not buy a desert eagle 50 because I've only sold one and it was to a friend of mine so that also is a lie

Good try



Owner of outlaw armory

Bluffton, South Carolina, United States #879119

I met him and he flirted with me not professional at all


Wow David Petersen sold me a bad gun also my gun was a Desert Eagle 50 caliber. I think David Petersen buys used weapons and reconditions guns and sales them as new.

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